Tunturi TPE Yogamat 3mm Anthracite, Yellow cord

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With this Tunturi TPE Yoga mat you can comfortably do all your standing, sitting and lying postures. The anti-slip layer prevents your hands and feet from sliding away. The elastic material has a soft feel and provides support. In addition, the mat is insulating, which prevents you from feeling the cold coming through the floor. In short, this TPE Yoga mat offers all kinds of nice benefits. Would you like to take the fitness mat with you or to store it? Roll it up and strap it with the firm elastic. The mat is made of 100% recyclable material and available in various colors.

The benefits of the Tunturi TPE Yoga Mat - Fitness mat
- Comfortable yoga mat for yoga and fitness exercises
- Ideal to have at home or in a yoga or fitness school
- Easy to roll up and store
- Easy to carry with the elastic strap
- Anti-slip to prevent you from sliding away

Do you also want to take advantage of the benefits of this comfortable and practical Tunturi TPE Yoga Mat? Order it now!

○ Dimensions: 183 x 61 cm.
○ Thickness: 3 mm.
○ Fully recyclable
○ Includes yellow elastic
○ Color: Anthracite
○ Material: Elastomer (TPE)
○ Available in various colors
○ Product code: 14TUSYO031
○ EAN code: 8717842030660
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