Siux Electra ST3 Pro

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The Siux Electra ST3 Pro padel racket of professional padel player, Franco Stupaczuk, is the ultimate choice for experienced padel players aiming for power, precision, and cutting-edge innovation.

This racket features a hybrid shape, resulting in the perfect balance between round and diamond-shaped rackets. The racket faces are crafted from 15K 20*40 Carbon and Textreme, ensuring explosive power and accuracy with every stroke. The frame is constructed with 3K Carbon and Aramida, making the racket durable and stable even during powerful shots. The racket's core is made of EVA HARD material, resulting in a Hard touch, ideal for players seeking aggressive shots and maximum control. Weighing between 355g and 370g with a medium/high balance, this racket offers versatility for both powerful smashes and precise placement shots.

The Siux Electra ST3 padel racket of 2024 features a glossy finish with a sand texture, not only providing a stylish appearance but also offering extra grip and control over the racket.

This racket is the ideal choice for players aiming for top-level performance and groundbreaking innovations. Step onto the court and experience the power and precision of the Siux Electra ST3!


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