Run Fast 4.0-white/orange

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Take the intelligent shortcut to the future of running with the X-SOCKS RUN FAST 4.0! Thanks to patented technologies, you can effortlessly reach your goal. This special sock with barefoot climate benefits from the latest innovations in X-SOCKS technology and offers you incomparable wearing comfort. More support, secure protection and continuous thermoregulation promote your performance and endurance. Your foot gets a firm hold in the anatomically shaped footbed and the ASYMMETRIC O-RING BANDAGE stabilizes your ankle joint. Protectors keep the toes, heel and ankle from being injured by pressure and friction. The optimized Air-Conditioning Channel 4.0 delivers fresh air into the shoe every step of the way, stopping moisture and reducing the risk of blistering. The newly designed Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector 4.0 protects the sensitive area above the heel. Reinforced, two-part padded zones absorb pressure, friction and shocks even more effectively. Albedo 360g Reflective Technology increases safety in the dark.

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