Ds Wielertight Core Zwart

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The Core long cycling tights for women are a good choice for those of you who are not yet familiar with cycling in winter. These cycling tights are designed as entry-level models for short rides. That said, these cycling tights are extremely comfortable and have functional qualities that contribute to your sporting enjoyment. 

The Active chamois perfectly complements the design of the tights. This antibacterial 9 mm foam chamois with contoured wings and 3D Zero Friction Design is soft to the touch and prevents irritation and friction. 

The padded Dynatherm Flex 260 fabric features insulating properties that help maintain optimal body temperature. The fleece inner lining not only feels nice and soft, but also provides enough warmth for comfortable cycling in winter temperatures. The elasticity of the fabric creates a comfortable fit that is nice and snug. 

The ankles of our Core cycling tights are finished with a short zip. This functional detail adds to the ease of use of the tights by making it easier to put them on and take them off. The silicone grip at the ankles keeps the tights from sliding or riding up. The Core long tights are available with and without braces. 

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